BasicState Model

   STATE OF MANKIND. Make every living human a cell of your body. Make each of us a cell in you.

How do you feel? We are the healthy cells. That's how much work we have to do. You can apply the BasicState Model on any ecosystem not just us.

   STATE OF SPECIES. Make each living St. Bernard a cell of your body for contrast.

   STATE OF COUNTRY. Make every citizen cell of your body.

   STATE OF INTERNET. Make every person online a cell of your body.

ObjectThinking is our sacred ground of a grand collaboration not seen since the time of Socrates. The Internet has brought the worlds knowledge to one place accessible by all.


Growing Specialty For Freedom

ObjectThinking grows us again.

   POLYMORPHIC. In short, polymorphic means there's an Einstein of your specialty inside you must grow for freedom. We refer to Einstein as if he's alive today. He'll always be honored. You have the same opportunity.

Your an ObjectThinking Pioneer on the Internal /|\emory Landscape cutting trail for those to follow.

The Object Word-Map, "grow specialty for freedom" continues to grow more precise over time. With it you can decode what a leaf cell is thinking as easy as a human being...

A WordThinking grows specialty for induction. They stand out because of the words they use. They are unaware of the second language source and living in a time-bubble.

ObjectThinking signals the future we're working for them. They're watching us in EM. Our second biology is farm and we're today's farmers. Stand tall my friend.

The EM Object is a new phenomena on earth. In the true scope of time the 40,000 years is a blink of an eye. The first cave paintings were like yesterday.

The problem is the EM Object is a biology that does not die. It has been inducting our planet at a exponential rate. I'm guessing but every day we make decisions from the 2013 year arrow of time we consume a thousand years of future resources.

Today, people around the world are EMI. If the environment is related to you're specialty nothing can stand in you're way of you're will as an ObjectThinking force of nature.

A WordThinking from 2013 years behaves as if induction is the fault of the living. They don't know about the EM Object yet. We The People are each a cell in the body of America. A WordThinking is cancer of the body. The behavior of each equals the freedom of all.

If government is you're passion here's you're advantage.

At this time those who control the past, control the future. Now that the time arrow is broken ObjectThinking controls the current. The more we merge with the current of time the stronger we get.

The American Constitution worked in the beginning because We The People could leave America and head west. With free land to run to government had to serve us. Once we ran out of free land government began to serve itself.

ObjectThinking we are caretakers living a billion years in both directions. The government must balance with a reality bigger than us. We control the current nothing can stop us.

As we became aware of 911 our share of energy was tracked by satellites measuring the earth's magnetic field.

Is psychology you're passion? A WordThinking is an Observable and Measurable Mental Disorder.

We measure the energy from spaces and we mesure the energy with ekg's and mri's.

State Of Education

Updating education is paramount.

Children are not defective adults in need of education. The adults are defective and the children are in danger.

The Energy does not care what biology it gets into. Its behaved the same since first life or there'd be no life. The diagram projects history a billion years in both directions. Until someone better models the human experience we must institute ObjectThinking as fast as we can.

I'm guessing every day our species lives a WordThinking we consume at least 1000 years of future. Imprecise WordThinking has Earth's Growth Field retracting at more than 1000 years per day and compounding.

We don't have to have all the answers. We have to set the children up. ObjectThinking protects them from EMI. No one would be so dumb to go back to WordThinking. There's so much opportunity in education. You don't even have to be a teacher. The Internal /|\emory landscape is the children's not ours. We must empower them.

Know your deathbed feelings now, know how to be now.

We're born to leave the world better for us being here...

The ObjectThinking discoveries seem to never stop. The Energy fingerprint is on every child objects.

   STATE OF POLYMORPHISM. We each have an Einstein of our specialty inside. Our lives are short. This is no dress rehearsal. ObjectThinking grows mankind again.

It's time to grow again. We live for a blink of an eye gen2013ever show-off!

Grow Your Einstein Inside
Every Child Has One
Every Cell Is One

I'm guessing today's 2013 year WordThinking attitude consumes a thousand years of future every day. ObjectThinking there's much to discover outside the EM TimeBubble.

The energy does not care what biology it rides or consumes. The energy ringing in our ears is inherited from the first or there'd be none.

The Energy is repeating single-cell to multi-cell history...

we are each a cell in the body of mankind

No more free land to run to gen2013ever...

gen2013ever grow healthy cells of mankind

a leap in communication brings leaps in the human experience.

To Feel The State Of Mankind...

Make every living person a cell of your body.

Model any species for contrast.

To Feel The State Of Mankind...

Make every living person a cell of your body.

Model any species for contrast.

One nature to nack gen2013ever...

Equal Natural Rights
Identify Perpetual Behavior State

Constant Conditions of ObjectThinking


Growing Specialty For Freedom

   STATE OF GROWTH. A unique relationship with the future is LIFE's most vital Natural Right. TimeBubbling a child violates it.

ObjectThinking, all the forces of nature on our side. All the armies of the world cannot change the Object truth.

   STATE OF EDUCATION. For 12+ years a child is programmed with emotional attachment to TimeBubble grunts.

A WordThinking Education: run away from this grunt! run to that grunt! TimeBubble emotional grunting.

The following diagram represents a TimeLess Foundation of Education. A powerful rescue tool that transcends religion and science.

   CURRENT STATE OF GOVERNMENT. How do you solve government problems? WordThinking: More word-magic of course...

   FUTURE STATE OF GOVERNMENT. If you love your country like I do, leave the TimeBubble to save it.

Inside the TimeBubble we are EMI Government Property. Outside the TimeBubble Government becomes our property. An Object of Inheritance.

   STATE OF MENTAL HEALTH. A WordThinking from the TimeBubble is an observable Mental Disorder.

No matter the language, a WordThinking mind retimed to 2013 years is imprecise and dangerous. It cannot hide from ObjectThinking LIFE.



/|\ OBJECT / \

To ski, we need a skiing state of mind.

To live, we need a living state of mind.   

The Naturehack My Gift