Without Identity, there'd be no repetition...

...nothing would ever be the same to repeat.

I think of objects being like biological cells and/or individual computers on a network, only able to communicate with messages.~Alan Kay

We Hack Nature Like A Computer Program

There's only one "Thinking Energy" on earth. Alan Kay is a biologist, a computer scientist, a visionary who envisioned everything that's happening now years ago. The more you know about this man the more you'll honor him. He discovered the energy ringing in our ears.

I knew I could relearn to think-without-words because it's how we're born. I took Alan Kay's discovery and applied it on us. Here I am today.

The Naturehack is for children but made for adults.

Why is a child happy life one day and then an unhappy adult the next?

That question baffled me for years. The transition from ObjectThinking to "A WordThinking" from 2013 years is why. A child's logic is inducted. We are those children.


The sharing of attributes and operations among classes in a hierarchical relationship.

ObjectThinking Inheritance

The benefit of inheritance is classes lower down the hierarchy get the features of those higher up. The Energy BasicObject state and behavior is revealed because of ObjectThinking Inheritance.

Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. ~Einstein

This is not philosophy. This is physics. Match the the state of the Energy Object and you'll feel life as the oral cultures did for millions of years.

BasicObjects Produce Objects

Inheritance reveals the EM Object. A second biology unique to our species.

The discovery of the EM Object is my contribution. But before I identify the EM Object I want to show you something...

The hierarchy gets features of those higher up.

BasicObjects produce objects. Let's designate "Government" as a BasicObject. Now we start decoding what is already there by way of inheritance. As long we honor inheritance we all see the same "Government Object." Furthermore we signal our intentions to the future.

Now the EM Object. A second biology property of the Energy Object.

EM Biology Compounds Like Cells Of A Baby

The first cave painting date back 40,000 years. Since then our unique EM has been manifesting. It falls upon our generation to recognize the EM Object for what it is. A Tool.

We are pioneering using our tools as Nature instead of EMI Nature. We'll never be right but people 50,000 years from now will inherit the freedom we seed today.

We don't have to have all the answers. We just have to be honest to Inheritance.

ObjectThinking a billion years in both directions.

Reset you're mind to the current of time you're share of energy grows stronger everyday.

We are talking energy calculations. Together we have the power to end every war on earth in a month. Divided... well, it can't get much worse.

The future depends on us ObjectThinking with perpetual state and BEHAVIOR.

/|\ OBJECT / \

To ski, we need a skiing state of mind.

To live, we need a living state of mind.   

The Naturehack My Gift