The smallest parts by themselves explain...

...the behavior of a larger organized system.

Alan Kay discovered OOP in a quest to keep computer Internal Memory free. The goal of Behavior is to free you're share of Internal /|\emory from a static induction caused by an Inheritance violation.

Tyranny is always more organized than freedom at first. ObjectThinking organizes freedom and gives energy control, feeling control, back to you.

energy balance is like the scent of a flower
when it's gone, it's gone forever
until the naturehack

I have to pee. My freedom is inducted. I go pee. I'm have freedom again. The Energy behaves the same at all levels.

Freedom => Induction => Freedom

The new biology causes a static induction.

It takes energy to live on the 2013 year arrow of time crashing to the ground.

Technically a human mind is treated like cancer by Internal /|\emory it's timing is out of phase.

Every person I've ever interviewed remembers the shift to WordThinking. Women go through a shift back to ObjectThinking when they have a baby...

A Woman's mind becomes an energy possession. She is compelled to think that her infant is the only thing in the world worth while. A new mother will sacrifice her life and everything, if necessary, to save her baby.

ObjectThinking I feel the same way about you. I trust in the Energy we inherited. I grow more grateful to be alive everyday.

Abstracting New Mommy Behavior

Love, Worship, or Death, no middle ground. An ObjectThinking Mommy would never breach Internal /|\emory integrity. There's only one Energy Thinking on earth.

A puppy worships its mommy then its master. Worship is a phenomena we cannot turn off, only transfer. Every cell of our body worships the cell next door. Today's human baby worships mommy then the wrong biology.

The Bible and Koran are books about being the best life we can be. Within the pages it reads to embrace life through the eyes of a child. Call it God's, Life's, Nature's, Spirit's, ..., programming. The second biology has if off course. The Internal /|\emory Landscape is calling us home.

You are gen2013ever growing

Am I asking you to be dishonest? No. Am I asking you to be recklessly honest? No. It's impossible to be too honest.

No warrior stands taller than one bending down for a child. ~Blackfeet Indian

Just because it feels new does not mean it wrong. It's just new...again. You were born a force of nature and it was taken from you. It's happening as we speak too.

The Behavior Of Each Equals The Fate Of All

Look back in time and see the danger exponentially rising. We're not designed for a "word environment." I started out just wanting to teach people how to better communicate with animals and I discovered the EM Object. It decodes everything. It's not going away.

There's only one nature to hack.

Literacy divided us from our feelings when our minds were retimed. The hardest thing about the Naturehack is it's simplicity. Inheritance reveals the same world to all eyes.

The models are indisputable. There's only one Internet. The Energy made it. It uses EM Biology to ride on. The Energy is repeating single-cell to multi-cell history. We are the single-cells today.

Our minds mirror computers. Internal /|\emory energy. External Memory storage. The human mind has become corrupted by EM just like computers. It's time to reformat. I promise you'll trust yourself because you're growing again. Equally you'll grow trust me and others. Life becomes a team sport again above word-slavery.

A WordThinking from 2013 years can talk itself into anything. They stand out. ObjectThinking has rules that make you a force of nature. All the armies of the world cannot stop us from setting the future up.

This is just the beginning of taming the EM Object for the children's perpetual STATE.

/|\ OBJECT / \

To ski, we need a skiing state of mind.

To live, we need a living state of mind.   

The Naturehack My Gift